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Helping Young Players Reach Their Potential

Origin:                                         Started Summer 2017
Head Coach:                               Stephen Jenkins
Religious Affliation:                   Christian (Followers of Christ)
Gender/Ages:                             Boys/9-11

This program was developed in 2017 for the purpose of developing higher basketball IQ, teaching fundamentals, and exposing talented young players to higher levels of competition.  

Below is a sample of what my players will learn:
Tournament Team
Sample Curriculum

Foundation Building   
Shooting Fundamentals (technique)
Shooting (Shot Selection)
Rebounding Position
Passing (chest, bounce, overhead, lob)
Decision Making

Game Details              
Out of bounds sets/plays
Press Break (half court)
Press Break (full court)

Offensive Sets            
Basic Set (Read and React)
Pass and Cut/Give-n-go (Motion Offense)
Pick and Roll/ Pick and Pop

Defensive Sets            
Defensive Positioning (zone and man-to-man)
2-1-2 zone
2-1-2 trap
1-2-1-1 full court press
Man to man (half)
Man to man (¾)
Man to man (full)